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7 Reasons Why Your Skin Needs Vitamin A


Vitamin A is the cornerstone of Environ’s skincare routine. Dr Fernandes, founder of Environ believes that healthy beautiful skin is a direct result of Vitamin A and here are 7 great reasons why: #vitaminApower

1. Vitamin A promotes the skin’s natural moisturising properties. It increases cell turnover helping you shed the the rougher damaged cells revealing smoother healthier cells which bounce light more easily giving your skin radiance.

2. Vitamin A rounds on collagen attacking free radicals, pulverising them from existence, thus helping prevent fine lines and saggy skin developing.

3. Vitamin A stimulates fibroplasts which help develop tissue deep in the layers of the skin helping to plump the skin, firming it and keeping it healthy.

4. Vitamin A lessens the skin’s sensitivity to the sun, reducing redness and pigmentation because retinoids in Vitamin A block an enzyme needed to produce pigmentation (melanin).

5. Vitamin A boosts the immune system. Our skin is our first line of defense and Vitamin A’s cell production boosting properties increase our body’s natural defenses against bacteria, pollutants and infections.

6. Vitamin A fights wrinkles. The retinoids in Vitamin A creams switch on the cells responsible for making new collagen plumping the skin and filling in the fine lines.

7. Vitamin A combats acne by stimulating cell turnover. This clears pores of dead skin cells and oils that harbour acne causing bacteria.

Vitamin A is the only known¬†element that combats ageing which is why it is the essential ingredient in Environ’s Skin Care Philosophy. The Borough Beauty are proud to be Environ stockists and use their fantastic products in their treatments. Environ is skincare based on science and has proven results – need to see it to believe it? Just take a look at their incredible results¬†and then book an Environ Facial or talk to Emma at Borough Beauty about the Environ skincare range – she’ll give you tailored recommendations to give your skin a boost of Vitamin A anti-aging power!


Written by tc_su