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2017 Trend: Colourful Hair

While most of us pay good money to have our coloured hair look entirely natural – what can we say, we have great genes (ahem), there’s a brave splinter group fully embracing the latest hair trend taking instagram by storm – Colourful Hair


To achieve really colourful hair, sections of hair are lightened and vibrant colour is applied. Hair can be coloured in one hue, or in sections with different colours, or with an ombré dip-dyed effect in varying shades of colour. The techniques work on shorter or longer styles and The Chair use L’Oreal colours known as the best in the colour business, so almost any colour imaginable can be achieved – let your imagination run wild and create any style – subtle or dramatic to suit you. The colour lasts approximately ten washes so you can be brave and have fun with colour.

If you need some inspiration there are some magical trends influencing colourful hair at the moment, so unleash the unicorn within and try these on for size:

Mermaid Hair

Taking inspiration from the current Mermaid Trend and dip your tresses in sea foam blues, azure, emerald and stormy greys. These colours look amazing on short hair as sectioned colour or on longer hair as an ombré effect starting with grey at the roots, lightening down the lengths to turquoise and work well against all skin tones.

Unicorn Hair

Saddle up your inner Rainbow Dash and play with pretty pinks, lilacs and yellows. This style is really playful and suits younger faces especially if colourful hair can be worn in a loose plait – think Elsa in Frozen (after she’s let it go!), or with a flicked forelock style fringe. If you’re old enough to remember My Little Pony the first time around, take a more sophisticated approach with dip dyed pink ends to amp up a sleek shorter style.

Rainbow Hair

Yes, this is a thing. A big thing in point of fact. If you want to go all out then go over the rainbow with this cheerful trend. Slices of colour – yes you’ve guessed it red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet are dyed creating a stunning rainbow effect. Often the rainbow sections are hidden underneath natural coloured hair and only when hair is pinned up is the fabulous secret revealed so no concerns about going to work looking like Rainbow Brite.


L’Oreal have been coaching The Chair team this month to unleash their creativity and combined with L’Oreal’s state of the art products and advanced techniques to achieve this supercharged look with insta-worthy results. Colourful Hair & Blowdry finish starts at £38 for light or pre-lightened hair and starts at £74 for darker hair (which has to be lightened before colour can be applied). Take a look at how other clients have been having fun with their colourful hair recently on our instagram feed and book a consultation with one of our fabulous stylists to decide on the perfect colours for you. 


Written by tc_su